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NOTES: 1. All inputs are inclusive i.e. if you input a name and country the search will only return results that match both name and country. 2. Some entries in our database are not complete - therefore, it may be worth using 'Any Country' if your search results do not return any data.




Search Advice

Try searching initially simply by entering a surname or family name, or even a few letters of the name in the Surname box. It is best not to be too specific but you may want to specify the country. Please note that in business names "and" is usually recorded as "&". If searching for a partnership, we suggest you enter just one of the names.

Please do not be disappointed if the only information you find in this database is a name and address taken from a gun that has been sold at some time. Guns last much longer than paper records, and they may be the only record of the existence of a gun maker. Please note that gun case labels are dated by the information (such as addresses) shown on them; gunmakers sometimes used out-of-date labels so the dates given are approximate.

About this Database

Every day, facts about the world's gun makers are being lost. Many families had gun makers in them, but as generations pass knowledge of them is forgotten.

Of course, our primary interest is not genealogy, but if you know there were gun makers in your family please let us know by sending us a prepared text ready for publication.

The Internet is ideal for capturing all the history we can, analysing and distributing it. If you can add anything to our records, a new name, an address, any details, a photo or scanned case label, a catalogue, advertisement, leaflet, copy invoice, photograph - we would be pleased to add it to our archives. If you are certain about the date of manufacture of a gun please let us know the details and the serial number of the gun. If you have any info please e-mail archives@internetgunclub.com

We have attempted to record factual details in strict chronological order so that you can quickly see how the various firms started and developed. The histories are intended to be as concise and as clear as possible. In some cases we have additional unreliable or unverified information but, usually because it is too complicated to express concisely, we have not published it.

We have concentrated on firms and families, and have generally tried to trace the development of firms as family businesses. This is how most businesses developed in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

All gun makers had a "target" market, e.g. very high quality weapons for the wealthy (who seldom used them), serviceable weapons in a range of qualities (for those who did use them and whose lives often depended on them!), or military weapons. Usually, a gun maker changed his target market as economic and political conditions changed. Some gun makers were masters of creativity and quality, but we have tried to keep to the facts and avoid "gilding the lily". There were many gunmakers who could produce guns of extremely high quality, and not all the "Top" gunmakers made "Best" guns all the time.

Our researches have uncovered many "new" historical facts, they will uncover more but inevitably, most of the "known" facts have been previously recorded elsewhere. We are keen to acknowledge our sources and are very conscious of infringing the copyright of others; if we have done so, we apologise and will immediately remove/rectify any offending material. Below, we list our sources of information, and we will add to this list as and when we can:

Firms and Organisations

  • A A Brown
  • Atkin, Grant & Lang Ltd
  • B E Chaplin
  • Birmingham Central Reference Library
  • Birmingham Gun Barrel Proof House
  • Birmingham Museum of Science and Industry
  • Bonhams & Brooks
  • Boss & Co Ltd
  • British Museum
  • Christies
  • Churchill (Gunmakers) Ltd
  • Cogswell & Harrison
  • Crudgingtons of Bath
  • Dickson & McNaughton Ltd
  • Edinburgh Museum
  • Farlows Ltd
  • Greenfields of Salisbury
  • Guildhall Library, London
  • H M Stationary Office
  • Holland & Holland Ltd
  • Holt & Co
  • Imperial War Museum
  • James Purdey & Sons Ltd
  • John Rigby & Co Ltd
  • John Wilkes
  • Johnsons Barrel Browners
  • Parker-Hale Ltd
  • Royal Artillery Library
  • Sothebys
  • The Patent Office
  • The Royal Armouries
  • The Worshipful Company of Gunmakers
  • Victoria and Albert Museum
  • W W Greener Ltd
  • West London Shooting Grounds
  • Westley Richards & Co Ltd
  • Wilkinson Sword Ltd
  • William Evans Ltd
  • William Ford Ltd
  • William Powell & Son Ltd


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