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Hammond Bros, 10 Jewry St., Winchester

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:37 am
by Murray 77
Hammond Bros, 10 Jewry St, Winchester. Double Barrel 28 Bore sidelever Hammergun. No. 35621 ?. I acquired the above in the early 70's. I was told that it had been kept wrapped up hidden in an apple tree for many years. The ravages of time had lifted the top rib and it was in a sorry state. Having a clear out last year i was going to scrap it but decided to do it up. The original rib was relaid, rejointed and chamber rim reamed out reblacked and back in business. I now use it as a breach loader back up on Rainswept Muzzleloading days. Whilst the gun takes 28 B Black powder cartridges it measures up closer to 32B. The top of the chamber had to be machined out to accept 28b cartridge rim and the chokes are tight. I used it for a drive on my local beaters day and managed 3 partridges and 2 Pheasants with it, maybe it should have been hidden in a pear tree !. John I am aware you have some records on the maker? The first 3 numbers are correct the last 2, even if they are numbers ,obscured by an external pit
An appropriate copy of a relevant printable Trade Label would be much appreciated as it is presently housed in an old Army and Navy Case. Murray

Re: Hammond Bros, 10 Jewry St., Winchester

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:44 pm
by John 39
The address was 41 Jewry Street - difficult to read on the case labels!

I would guess at this dating anytime from about 1885, perhaps it is a Hammond patent side lever but only the first numbers of the serial number add-up. I'm emailing you with what info we have on Hammond's numbers which are in the low thousands which is to be expected for a small provincial maker. This could indicate a date of 1890-1895. I'm also emailing you the Hammond gun case labels.