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Greener ? Query posted by Moderator

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2023 6:50 pm
by John 39
Gun history as known The gun was bought in Australia in 1968 by an uncle of the present owner. He then sold it to his brother in Cyprus in 1978 for 880 CY pounds. The owner now is the nephew of the original seller, he believes the make of the gun is a Greaney as he spelt it but he may mean "GREENER". The gun has a name on it J.W. MOLDEN and a serial number # 110627 He has found some information about J.W. MOLDEN that suggests he lived approximately between 1870 and 1946, living in England possibly London and was a good friend of the Royal family at the time. He then moved to Australia and is believed to be an Australian, also that the gun may have been custom made for a left handed person. The gun was Nitro-proofed by "London & Birmingham" All the information mentioned above can be seen on photos sent via email. The gun has 2 double barrels, both at 77cm long. The owner is looking to find the make and the age of the gun and any history of it and may want to have it valued. We would appreciate any information or guidance regarding this matter. Thank you

Re: Greener ? Query posted by Moderator

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2023 6:53 pm
by John 39
Hi Chris,

We haven't had an email with photos but comment as follows:

We normally only answer queries from members who have paid the weekly or annual membership fee.

However, we can tell you that the serial number is much too high for a Greener or any English trade maker. You say the name Molden is on the gun, but do not say where or how. No gunmaker named Molden has ever been recorded in the UK, USA, Australia or New Zealand. If you think this may be the name of a previous owner you may be right but we cannot find any record of him, and we can't explain why the gun has two sets of barrels. If a previous owner was a friend of the Royal family we'd expect them to have owned a higher quality gun.