E Anson & Co serial no.

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E Anson & Co serial no.

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I have here a well made Boxlock non-ejector with the number 16136. The data on the maker here states that the William Anson company changed name in 1897 To E Anson and Co. This gun bears 1896 standard of proof. Did the serial numbers continue on from William Anson? It is hard to believe that any Birmingham company churned out 16000 guns in less than 7 year.

Many thanks

David Ryder

John 39
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Re: E Anson & Co serial no.

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His father was a trade maker and no guns bearing his name have been seen. The numbers may have been started by his father a job numbers rather than gun numbers. E Anson numbers started in the 10,000 range and the highest recorded was in the 14,000 range in 1896/7. From 1904 the numbers re-started in the low thousands. I doubt if E Anson produced more than a couple of hundred guns.

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Re: E Anson & Co serial no.

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It is likely that the serial number is a trade number, rather than an Anson number.

Several good London name guns have often 5 or 6 digit serial numbers, rather than their own sequential serial number. It indicates that the gun was bought in from the trade, pretty much ready to sell. The London gunmaker only had to pop their name on the barrel and/or action and to then sell it on.

These guns usually came from Birmingham, often from the likes of Osborne, Webley, Lewis, Holloway, Bonehill or Tolley.


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Re: E Anson & Co serial no.


I appreciate all of the feedback I received from you folks. It has helped me date my gun. I really like this particular gun. I have a 26" Pollard and a 28" Watson Bros. The 30" Anson is better balanced than either of them and although I know it is slightly heavier, it is much sweeter to carry all day. Thanks again Gents. Garrett.

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