Flintlock gunmaker in London

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Barry Gregory 440
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Flintlock gunmaker in London

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I have been trying to find any information on a 17/18th century London flintlock musket maker called Sandwell.

So far unsuccessfully having drawn a complete blank with many internet searches.

Does anybody recognise the name and have any details about their history?

Please respond to this forum or directly to my email address:


Barry Gregory
John 39
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Re: Flintlock gunmaker in London

Post by John 39 »

He is listed in "Der Neue Stockel" as Stephen Sandwellof London 1766-1781. This book is in German, which I don't speak. It goes on to say Wird 1766 Meister. 1771-81 in adressbuchern der Stadt aufgefuhrt. 1775-1778, BM der Hudsdon's Bay Company. Q1;Q206;Q254. I think this means he became a master gun maker in 1766 and was recorded at several addresses in the city. From 1775 to 1778 he was a contractor to the Hudson's Bay Company.
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