Mis described

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Murray 77
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Mis described

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My local Auction House advertised "!9th Century Pin Fire Gun" together with some very bad photos showing a very sorry rusty gun. It was an Internet only Auction but being local I was able to view it. Much to my surprise the pin fire was a percussion single Barrel Shot gun of a small Bore in a rusty state with the barrel struck back. Underneath the murk the engraving, whilst rusted over was crisp and the chequering sharp. I left a bid and much to my surprise bought the gun for very much under under my bid.
With a bit of light work I found the lock plates to be engraved R.Hughes and the flat of the Barrel R.Hughes and Sons Birmingham. The underneath of the barrel Showed Birmingham Proof for Black Powder but a later BP Proof of 37 1 1/2 Drams Black Powder 9/16th oz shot. The Barrel measures as a 36 Bore. The bore is unmarked and has been browned showing a very tight Damascus twist. From the Historical Data Base R.Hughes and Sons would date the Gun as very late 19th Century. It appears a heavy charge for such a small bore but it shoots it well.
It was nice to trust the auctioneers honesty but not his description. Nice to be back Murray
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Re: Mis described

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Mis described? Miss is spelt with two ss! I expect some young chick described it! I wish I had your luck, it does seem to be a heavy load, get someone else to test fire it!
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