Most fun to shoot

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Allen Peterson 44
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Most fun to shoot

Post by Allen Peterson 44 »

This is the gun I enjoyed shooting, surprisingly accurate within it's .45 cal. capabilities

Tim Wilkes 43
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Re: Most fun to shoot

Post by Tim Wilkes 43 »

I don't like them, rather heavy and lots of muzzle flip.

We used to get peppered with them by the IRA in the early days of the Troubles in N Ireland. Picking the spent .45 rounds out of our flak jackets!


Robert Forslund 171
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Re: Most fun to shoot

Post by Robert Forslund 171 »

There is a Tommy gun for sale at Hermann Historica (Munich) in the beginning of May. Estimate 1100€, lot No. 1605
Here in Europe not many people are allowed to own such a beauty, hence the low estimate I presume.
In the US I have seen them selling for 3000$ and more.

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