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Spring loaded Butt Plate

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 7:19 pm
by Allen Peterson 44
A Gun Maker named Enos james (Birmingham 1877-1900) Patented a Spring loaded butt plate. If someone has seen one I would like to see one if possible.
It may be GB189408892A

Thanks Al Peterson

Re: Spring loaded Butt Plate

Posted: Fri Oct 18, 2019 3:48 pm
by Tim Wilkes 43
Al, this was only a Provisional Patent, so in all likelihood no actual examples were ever produced commercially.

Below is a quick description of the patent, the drawing that accompanied it and a link to the original patent document in full.


Improvements in or Additions to Sporting and Military Guns or Small Arms.
Description of Patent No. GB 1894 08892
22 January 1895
I ENOS JAMES of Staniforth Street, Birmingham in the County of Warwick, Gun Manufacturer do hereby declare the nature of this invention to be as follows:-
My invention consists of the improvements in or additions to the heel plates of the stocks of sporting and military guns or small arms hereinafter described, the object of the said improvements or additions being to largely take up or absorb and practically to neutralize the force of the recoil of the gun.
My invention consists further in the adaptation to the stocks of sporting and military guns or small arms of a pneumatic heel for the same purpose as herein- after described.
According to the first part of my. invention, instead of fixing the heel plate directly to the heel or end face of the stock as usual I connect the heel plate to a carrying frame which is fitted into a recess in and fixed to the stock as hereinafter described. The said carrying frame consists of two parallel rods of about two inches in length, and situated at right angles to the heel plate, and of a back fixing bar capable of a limited sliding motion upon the inner ends of the said rods. The back fixing bar described is secured to the inner ends of the 'parallel rods by screw nuts and the heel plate is fixed to the outer ends of the said parallel rods by screws passed from the front of the heel plate taking into ' screwed holes in the said rods. Around the parallel rods of' the carrying frame are strong coiled springs one end of each spring taking a bearing against the inner face of the back fixing- bar and the other end of each spring taking a hearing against a fixed collar on the outer end of the rod and immediately under the heel plate. By the action of the said coiled springs, the heel plate is pressed home and maintained in its normal position ; but the said springs, when compressed, permit of the sliding of the back fixing bar on the inner ends of the parallel rods.
The carrying frame is fitted in a recess in the heel part of the gun stock and the back bar is screwed to the bottom of the said recess, 'the heel plate proper occupying the usual position at the heel of the stock.
- When the gun is discharged the recoil causes the back bar of the heel plate carrying frame, fixed to the stock, to advance slightly by a sliding motion, on the ends of the parallel rods and thereby compress the coiled springs between the sliding back bar and the collars immediately-under the heel plate. The recoil is thereby neutralized or in great part taken up or absorbed by the said coiled springs. Instead of using coiled springs, other kinds of springs may be used; but I prefer to use coiled springs as hereinbefore described.
Original document can be viewed at: ... cale=en_EP


Re: Spring loaded Butt Plate

Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2020 3:49 pm
by Allen Peterson 44
Thank you Tim . That is exactly what I was looking for.