Unusual Misfire

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Murray 77
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Unusual Misfire

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Whilst out shooting Pheasant at the end of last season I had an unusual misfire from my Double 15 Glaysher. I shot a bird with the first barrel and trying for a second and had a misfire with the left barrel. The percussion cap went off with a loud crack like a .22 live round and the gun misfired. I was then aware of blood streaming from the padded bit of my left thumb. On checking the gun the cap was squashed on top of the nipple and the back of the hammer skirt had blown off.
Luckily the shell fence had diverted the bits forward hence the injury to my thumb. Injury completely healed but I still retain 2 small lumps of metal in it. Protective glasses in the future I think.

During the lock down I have carried out a job on the same gun on a fault that always annoyed me. The Lock plates on the gun have always stood proud of the stock, which during its life had been taken back to far. It didn't look too bad but it felt bad.I have already spent too much on it so decided to tackle the job myself. A day and a half later - job done and more importunately you can't see I've been there. Hope you are all well during these troubled times. I keep checking the forum but no-one seems to be writing anything - Come on chaps.

John 39
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Re: Unusual Misfire

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The mis-fire seems unusual to say the least, what is even more strange is the failure to ignite the powder in the barrel. Maybe the cap had a double or even a triple load of primer which is why the skirt blew off.

The forums have been quiet. I would have thought lock-down would have meant more time to talk about and fiddle with old guns - not less!

Allen Peterson 44
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Re: Unusual Misfire

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what did you do last? did you fix The proud lock plates by deepening the inletting? Are the hammers striking the caps off center and weakening or breaking the cap instead of hitting flush on center just thinking of possibilities other than old or bad caps.

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