WW greener 12 bore double OU

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Allen Peterson 44
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WW greener 12 bore double OU

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1886 WW Greener OU 12 bore express Rifle. Before Boss? Quite heavy 25 lbs.
greener OU 12 Bore Rifle.jpg
greener OU 12 Bore Rifle.jpg (205.63 KiB) Viewed 3439 times
WW-GREENER-O-U-Hammer-Express-12bore-rifle-Cased-in-OandL-Mfg-1886-Very-rare-and-very-nice-condition_101231482_34_E69DB770310B0156.jpg (141.76 KiB) Viewed 3439 times

John 39
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Re: WW greener 12 bore double OU

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Never seen anything quite like it, and would hesitate to try to date it, so I'm pleased it's already been dated to 1886. However, calling it an "Express" is ridiculous. There is nothing "high velocity" or "low trajectory" about a 24 inch barrelled 12 bore! A pity there is no information about bullet type and size or internal barrel dimensions.

Rifles are pretty useless in thick jungle. The 12 bore was more popular for short range use than most people think - especially for dangerous game in thick bush or jungle, and the short barrels are a very sensible idea. The drop on the stock suggests this gun was specially made for somebody, and the stock dimensions were copied from his English game gun.

Overs and Unders were popular on the continent for many years (prior to 1800). I don't think Greener had a high opinion of them but he was more than capable of making one for a special order. Boss overs and unders were, like, last week!

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