.470 Double Rifle Lawn & Alder

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Paul Katz 364
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.470 Double Rifle Lawn & Alder

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Hello All

I recently purchased a .470 Double Rifle which was retailed by the non gunmaker firm of Lawn & Alder. I understand that they were outfitters to individuals traveling to India and Africa in the early 20th C., including Frederick Selous. This example is devoid of any engraving, appears well used and not a "trailer queen" as we say in the Colonies. I would appreciate any information regarding Lawn & Alder's history as it relates to their retail gun trade such as catalogs etc. They have a brief listing in Volume Three of Nigel Brown's British Gunmakers, however that is all that I have been able to find at this point.

Thanking you in advance,

John 39
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Re: .470 Double Rifle Lawn & Alder

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Hi Paul,

We've done a census search and found nothing on either, never seen a catalogue. Sorry.

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