What should be found in the fitted case of a 1930's English sbs 12 bore?

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What should be found in the fitted case of a 1930's English sbs 12 bore?

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What Ho again Chaps and Chappeses.

As the header states, I have a question for the knowledgeable among us......which excludes me.

I append an image of a Churchill's V.C. case and ask, please, what should be found within the "L" shaped division at the lower left? As the image shows, the square and "L" shaped divisions had rags within when the case arrived. There was also a small, green baize covered, unattached piece of wood, which, like the rags doesn't have any relevance.

Not shown but also within the case under the barrels is to be found a two piece cleaning rod.

I have sourced a square metal "oiler" for the square division, but can not find any information on what should reside, ( temporarily or otherwise) within the "L" division. I did wonder if bore cleaning brushes should, but the inside of the division was too clean to support the possibility of soiled bore brushes having been stored there; unless of course, they were within another container.

Can a kind member enlighten me?

Thank You.
snip of the VC case.Capture.JPG
snip of the VC case.Capture.JPG (134.6 KiB) Viewed 295 times
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