Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to disclose my physical address?

One of the reasons we ask for addresses is to help protect members from credit card fraud; if your address doesn't exactly match that held by your credit card company, our payment service providers (WorldPay) will not process the transaction. If you are a Private Member, be assured your personal information is secure and confidential between you and us, it cannot be published on this site and will not be published via us anywhere else. We would disclose an address only to an appropriate authority only in the event of a criminal investigation - and after taking legal advice!

If you are a Club, Organisation or Trade Member your street address, town / city, telephone number, map location etc is published only if you choose to publish it.

Searching Historical Database does not find the maker and other information that I want!

You may have specified an Area / City / Town but the maker may originally have been in business elsewhere, try being less specific. Remember that most firms are recorded under the founder’s LastName. You may have used the wrong LastName or the wrong input box. Bear in mind that searches are done on a simple string of letters and spaces. Don’t be too specific, try entering just a LastName in the name box, or enter a few distinctive letters and spaces in the Text Box, even something as obscure as ‘vy st’ will bring up Army & NaVY STores.

Searching for A B C, or A. B. C. or A and B and C does not work!

Note that in all the business names on the site the word "and" is recorded as "&", and initials only have spaces between them if they represent FirstNames (for example, "A B Cab & Son" would have a space between the initials, but no full stops but "ABC Company Ltd" would not be recorded with spaces or full stops.

Can’t find a Club / Organisation / currently trading Company?

Maybe it is not in any of the databases – if so, please let us know, but first try searching in another category. To speed-up searches and limit unwanted results we’ve split entries into what appear to us to be common sense categories:

A) ‘Gun Suppliers’ means gun shops and gun makers, but we all know they sell accessories;

B) ‘Products & Services’ means makers and suppliers of products and services that are not actually guns or to do with gunmaking or gunsmithing; this category should include accessory makers and suppliers such as optics suppliers, cartridge manufacturers and re-stocking services, or obvious accessory suppliers such as clothing, leathergoods or dog bed makers / suppliers.

C) ‘Clubs’ – generally speaking, this category covers clubs individuals can join.

D) ‘Organisations’ generally speaking, this covers organizing / administrative bodies that individuals can’t join but a few, e.g. Clay Pigeon Shooting Association, do take individual members for score recording purposes or British Association for Shooting & Conservation for provision of various member benefits.

My club/business/organisation is not in the database!

Send an email to giving us a name, address, type of operation and any other details you wish. We’ll create a simple page..

My business / club / organisation is in the wrong category!

Let us know! We’ll correct it.

My business / club / organisation should be in more than one category!

No problem - Email us!

You’ve got our Name / Address / Type of Business wrong!

Please give us the correct info!

Will you put in a link to my web site?

Yes, of course, if you will give us a reciprocal link.