William Anson

Entry Information:

Given Names

First name/s: William

Surname: Anson


First Address: Egyptian Hall, 77 Slaney Street

City/Town: Birmingham

Country: United Kingdom

Other Addresses:

123 Steelhouse Lane & Egyptian Hall, 77 Slaney Street

123 1/2 Steelhouse Lane & Egyptian Hall, 77 Slaney Street

Egyptian Hall, 77 Slaney Street

145 Steelhouse Lane

Back of 126 Steelhouse Lane


Trade: Gunmaker

Dates: 1891-1936


William Anson was born on 2 August 1830 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, he was the son of Edwin Anson (b.1811), a locksmith, and Eleanor Cotterill (Ellen b.1816).

In the 1841 census the family were recorded living in the Snow Hill / Dudley Road area of Wolverhampton. William had at least three brothers, George (b.1826), John (b.1838) and Titus (b.1840), and one sister, Ellen (b.1836). George, aged 15, was described as a locksmith as was William who was only 10 years old.

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E Anson & Co named one of their models the "Peremptory"
(adj. imperious, colloq. bossy, domineering, high-handed, over-bearing!).

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