what is best caliber for coyotes?

User: colorado bob c

Date: 09 Jan 2004 at 03:23

Yes, I know, these questions get asked a lot, so please forgive me for bringing it up once more!

I am interested in hunting coyotes, have never done so, and naturally it's a good excuse for buying a new rifle. I do have an old Swedish scoped rifle in 6.5x55mm, and I also have a .30-06 sporter. However, neither of these seems to me like the ideal coyote rifle.

What I'd like is a rifle that will really drop a coyote, kill him immediately, as I do not want the animal to suffer anymore than necessary. On the other hand, I would like to do as little damage to the pelts as possible.

So what I'm trying to find out is, what are the smallest and largest rifles that will fit this bill? The upper and lower limits, so to speak. Come on guys, what are your candidates?

Personally, I think .22 rimfire is too small, even WMRF, and so is the new .17. I also think Ruger's new .204 will be too small. But among the .22 centerfires, I'm not so sure. Would a Hornet be too small? Moving up the scale, I'm thinking something like the 6.5x55mm might be too large, as would be anything larger. I'm thinking something in the neighborhood of a .243 or 6mm would be about right, though I wouldn't count out a .220 Swift, either.

I have a personal prejudice against the .223, just because everybody and his brother has one, and I'd like to be just a little bit different. Furthermore, I'm thinking that a larger bore than a .22 might have better killing power and better long range accuracy, due to less bullet drift. I live in the West, where long range shots, 200--300 yards or more, are very possible, and might even be common when hunting coyotes around here.

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User: Ian

Date: 18 May 2004 at 15:20

if you are a handloader go 257 Roberts if your not go 25.06, any of the small fast cartridges require carefull selection of bullet in order not to destroy hides,just my 2 cents worth cheers Ian.

User: tcshooter

Date: 20 May 2004 at 16:10

the 22-250 is a great round, the 243 is best in my opinion.
Of course if you want to just blow the bloody head off, use a 7-300 weatherby with 130 grain tip

User: Eddy S.

Date: 21 Jun 2004 at 19:45

i bought an armalite m-4 and it takes a .223 nato round. that will stop a cyote but it wont blow him to bits either

User: KimberGuy

Date: 29 Jun 2004 at 22:50

I've used .243, .220, and .22-250 -- all with good results. The .243 I think is the best overall. It usually results in an instant kill. I shot one with a .300 short mag once. It nearly split it in two. Anything more than .243 is unecessary.

User: nico243

Date: 05 Nov 2004 at 00:32

I have seen a friend's REMINGTON VSSF in .220swift on uk foxes @ 300yds ish and it is a superb round, imo it puts the .22-250 well and truly in the shade.
personally for uk foxes (have to admit to never having shot 'yotes across the pond) I use my .243" deer rifle 70grn SP, and sometimes .308" 150grn SP although for foxing the .308" has a trajectory like a house brick!

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User: mehulkamdar

Date: 10 Nov 2004 at 04:17

I agree with Kimber Guy completely. The faster 22s or one of the 6mms would be the most you would need. Probably one of the new Kimber centerfires in .243?

User: fishhawk

Date: 28 Apr 2005 at 20:32

HI I use a .270 winchester moose hunting with good results on yotes with a bullet change. 100 grn for yotes 165 grn BT for moose

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User: the rambler

Date: 07 May 2005 at 05:09

Go 243!It's all you need with great range and killing power.

User: Warriorbear

Date: 25 Aug 2005 at 18:24

I used a .243 with a 3-9 variable scope. This was when I was stationed at White Sands Missle Range in New Mexico. A guy bought the carcasses from me for $5 then took a truckload to Kansas to claim their $25 bounty that was still on the books. $5 was a lot of money for a young sailor with a family in 1965.