User: enid

Date: 05 Nov 2005 at 00:23

I recently acquired an L.Christophe double rifle in .450#2. Appears to be a pre-war gun. Has side-clip action body with bolstered frame ,full rib,25&5/8 inch barrels,extended top & bottom tangs, and articulated front trigger.My recollection is that Christophe was a retailer like A&F or V,L,&D. Any info out there on Christophe? Gun has usual Belgium proof marks plus crown over JB.Could maker be JulesBury?

User: Tiger

Date: 10 Nov 2005 at 11:55

Hi Enid,

I can't read German but a Louis Christophe is recorded in Stockel as:

"Christophe Louis, Liege. c. 1860-1880. Ingenieur und Maschinenbauer. Im Dienste der belgischen Armee. Verbessert die von FAFSCHAMPS 1851 entworfene und von Joseph MONTIGNY weiterentwickelte Mitrailleuse, fur welche er 1867 unter dem namen Christophe & Montigny ein patent erhalt."

It seems to say something like:
"Christophe Louis, Liege. c. 1860-1880. Engineer and machinist. In the service of the Belgian army. Improved on a design / patent of FAFSCHAMPS 1851 and Joseph MONTIGNY. Granted a patent in 1867 under the name Christophe & Montigny."

This translation is a complete guess!