BASC Media Centre

User: Salopian

Date: 31 Oct 2008 at 17:52

This hot chestnut seems to be gathering momentum.
I had no particular views on it good or bad.After all BASC do not seem to listen to their members views.
A friend was incensed at what he thought was a complete waste of money.Now the storm clouds seem to be gathering.Shooting Times has letters for the last three weeks protesting about it.Thinking about it, it does seem like a good idea in totally the wrong place.Rossett is hardly the centre of the Universe.Should not BASC buy Doveridge and relocate to Central England close to the Motorway network, 3 main Airports etc., or is that logical thinking? Doveridge has a clayshoot, Gameshoot and loads of wild flowers for the Conservationists.Plus The Staffordshire Way for the Ramblers.

User: Bill

Date: 06 Nov 2008 at 19:48

Hi Salopian,

Well! This is a hot potato! I think the BASC was located at Rosset because the Boss at the time resided there or thereabouts. Short-sighted, stupid, and ridiculous, but there they are and the cost of moving, both in terms of expense and the problems of redundancy and recruiting new staff, would have to be paid for by the members.

Is there a lot of point in moving now? Do the BASC need a shooting ground, game shoot and wild flower sanctuary? I don't think so. What should happen is that all or most of the shooting organisations should merge so as to avoid paying for unnecessary chief executives and expensive top managerial staff, and duplication of junior staff. They all say that each organisation has its own job to do and there is no duplication of jobs,. Well, they would wouldn't they!

I accept that target rifle is very different sport to game shooting or wildfowling, and that conservation in general in England is very different to red deer management in Scotland, but I would have thought that there are sufficient common principles to make it sensible to combine most of the organisations that purport to protect our sports. The Americans have done it, and the British Field Sports Association / Countryside Alliance don't seem have any particular problems reconciling their hunting and shooting interests.

The suggested media centre is going to cost a lot of money, our money, and it seems to me that while it may well enable the BASC to do a better job, we shooting people would be better off if the BASC merged with the Countryside Alliance, the Shooting Sports Trust and a few others, and got rid of a few highly paid people.

I have no idea what the top two or three guys in the two main organisations earn, but multiply this by 5 years and add say 20% to cover pensions etc and I'd think you've got enough to pay for a media centre in London where the politicians and other influential people are!!

By the way, I think your idea of attracting ramblers to a shooting ground is good, but it could get you into trouble.

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