Yet another potential risk to our sport

User: sloth

Date: 14 Nov 2007 at 14:50

Particularly worrying I think.
The MoD want to limit muzzle energy of rifles used on UK ranges, and this doesn't just exlude anti-tank guns. It's ordinary stuff too. Please see the NRA website for an explanation.

To my mind I do not like the sound of the NRA strategy to deal with this. Particularly these few sentences.

"A series of urgent meetings took place between the Association and the MoD, to either get the limits changed upwards or find other ways of satisfying the Defence Estates concerns. We were informed that the general limit of 3800 joules would remain however, if we could propose a package of measures designed to ensure that all rounds fired would be contained by the range stop-butt, then the MoD would consider allowing civilians to shoot ammunition that exceeded the 3800 joules figure.

To give an example of the scope of this decision to reduce the muzzle energy limit one has only has to look at 'historics', the Brown Bess musket which, when fired using black powder, generates some of the highest muzzle energy figures, accepting that the ball at most travels a few hundred yards.

Even though this form of measurement (muzzle energy) is an inexact science the MoD insist that this is the way in which they will judge what firearms and ammunition can be fired on their ranges. Discussions around a different method of measuring or arguments about whether the current 155 grain bullet is 'over or under the bar' will not be worth the effort, because we have tried"

User: harrison1949

Date: 22 Jan 2010 at 02:09

hell im in australia and i shoot a Lapua 338 it makes me a bad guy or just stupid