UK GUN LAW: email from Joe posted by IGC staff

User: Tiger

Date: 02 Apr 2007 at 15:34

Wow, it must really suck to live in the UK, you can't even own a pistol or rifle, much less carry concealed. You need to start up a shooting sports lobbying group to promote the safe positive aspects of self protection. Here in the US, we have passed Concealed Carry laws in over 30 States, and in every state, we have noted a concomitant decrease in violent crime above and beyond the overall National decrease. When are you going to learn, criminals don't obey the laws, and the CCW laws just give the good guys the right inherent in all of us to fight back. I understand the UK has now surpassed the US in violent crime. So sad to be a subject instead of a citizen. I fear governments that distrust it's citizenry the right of arms. Remember, the first thing Hitler and Stalin did was to disarm it's citizenry.



User: Tiger

Date: 02 Apr 2007 at 15:45

Hi Joe,

Welcome to our website, and thanks for your comments.

I particularly like the distinction you make between a subject and a citizen! Tony Blair has allowed his government to nibble away at our liberty and freedom for 10 years, so in a few weeks time we will be suggesting he spends at least 12 months each year in the USA, and we want him to take his wife along with him.

One can own a rifle for target shooting and a sporting rifle for control of deer, foxes and other vermin, but the Police are very strict about who gets a licence and what calibres are allowed for what purpose, one even needs to justify the amount of amunition kept. Pistols are only allowed for the humane despatch of deer hit on the roads by cars and trucks, we aren't allowed target pistols and our pistol teams have to go abroad to practice for the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics, but when we host the Olympics all the national pistol teams will be given temporary licences - no problems!

This nonsensical situation is due to knee-jerk over-reaction by politicians (with only half a brain!) after the Dunblane and Hungerford shootings by two men who, shouldn't have had licences in the first place! Since pistols were banned gun crime has gone up - because, as you say, criminals don't obey the law. Try asking a politician, or most of the UK population, why they clamp down on law-abiding gun owners every time there is a murder - and you won't get an answer - because there isn't one, but none of these people really have to justify their opinions and decisions, and they can't be bothered to, they live in a strange urban world full of the drugs they have legalised or given up trying to control, and divorced from half the realities of life.

We do have shooting sports lobbying groups but they have been hitting their heads against brick walls ever since the Russian revolution scared all European politicians into restricting gun ownership. I think they've lost the plot!

I'm putting your email onto our bulletin board (JUSTICE, POLITICS, RELIGION AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT!). All good publicity!